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Secure Computing Project 2019-2020

SNO Projects List ABSTRACT
1 The Secure Computing Domain aims to give precise definitions characterizing the various concepts that come into play when addressing the dependability and security of computing and communication systems.
2 Clarifying these concepts is surprisingly difficult when we discuss systems in which there are uncertainties about system boundaries
3 Further-more, the very complexity of systems (and their specification) is often a major problem, the determination of possible causes or consequences of failure can be a very subtle process, and there are (fallible) provisions for preventing faults from causing failures.
4 Secure computing is a term used for making secure networks where information can be transferred in a secure manner.
5 Increasingly, individuals and organizations are developing or procuring sophisticated computing systems on whose services they need to place great trust-whether to service a set of cash dispensers, control a satellite constellation, an airplane, a nuclear plant, or a radiation therapy device, or to maintain the confidentiality of a sensitive data base
7 In differing circumstances, the focus will be on differing properties of such services-e.g., on the average real-time response achieved, the likelihood of producing the required results, the ability to avoid failures that could be cata-strophic to the system's environment, or the degree to which deliberate intrusions can be prevented.
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