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IEEE JAVA Project List 2016-2017

Cloud Computing Projects

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Data Mining Projects

1 Booster in High Dimensional Data Classification
2 Relevance Feedback Algorithms Inspired By Quantum Detection
3 Top k Dominating Queries on Incomplete Data
4 Cross Domain Sentiment Classification Using Sentiment Sensitive Embeddings
5 Crowdsourcing for Top-K Query Processing over Uncertain Data
6 Understanding Short Texts through Semantic Enrichment and Hashing
7 Sentiment Embeddings with Applications to Sentiment Analysis
8 A Scalable Approach for Content-Based Image Retrieval in Peer-to-Peer Networks
9 RSkNN kNN Search on Road Networks by Incorporating Social Influence
9 RSkNN kNN Search on Road Networks by Incorporating Social Influence
10 A Novel Recommendation Model Regularized with User Trust and Item Ratings
11 TopicSketch Real-Time Bursty Topic Detection from Twitter
12 Top-Down XML Keyword Query Processing
13 Quantifying Political Leaning from Tweets, Re tweets, and Re tweeters
14 Inverted Linear Quadtree Efficient Top K Spatial Keyword Search
15 Practical Approximate k Nearest Neighbor Queries with Location and Query Privacy
16 Domain-Sensitive Recommendation with User-Item Subgroup Analysis
17 T-Closeness through microaggregation Strict privacy with enhanced utility preservation
18 Connecting Social Media to Ecommerce Cold Start Product Recommendation
19 Efficient Cache-Supported Path Planning on Roads
20 Efficiently Estimating Statistics of Points of Interests on Maps
21 Mining User-Aware Rare Sequential Topic Patterns in Document Streams
22 Mitigating Cross Site Scripting Attacks with a Content Security Policy
23 Online Multi Model Distance Metric Learning With Application to Image Retrievel
24 Personalized Health Care Cloud Services For Disease Risk Assessment
24 Resolving Multi-Party Privacy Conflicts in Social Media
25 Tell Me What You Eat, and I Will Tell You Where You Come From A Data Science Approach for Global Recipe Data on the Web

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