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IEEE NS2 Project List 2016-2017

SNO Projects List ABSTRACT
1 Opportunistic Routing With Congestion Diversity in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
2 Cluster-Based Routing for the Mobile Sink in Wireless Sensor Networks With Obstacles
3 Dynamic Cluster Head Selection Method for Wireless Sensor Network
4 A Fuzzy Logic-Based Clustering Algorithm for WSN to Extend the Network Lifetime
5 Network Selection and Channel Allocation for Spectrum Sharing in 5G Heterogeneous Networks
7 Mobile Demand Profiling for Cellular Cognitive Networking
8 Neighbor-Aided Spatial-Temporal Compressive Data Gathering in Wireless Sensor Networks
9 Auction-Based Data Gathering Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks
10 Energy-Efficient Resource Allocation for Device-to-Device Communications Overlaying LTE Networks
11 ART An Attack-Resistant Trust Management Scheme for Securing Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
12 Energy-Efficient Localization and Tracking of Mobile Devices in Wireless Sensor Networks
13 An implementation of optimal dynamic load balancing based on multipath ip routing
14 Congestion aware load balancing for multiradio wireless mesh network
15 Load Balanced Clustering Technique in MANET using Genetic Algorithms
16 Load balancing based approach to improve lifetime of wireless sensor network
17 Device-to-Device Millimeter Wave Communications Interference, Coverage, Rate, and Finite Topologies
18 Distributed algorithms for spectrum sharing in cognitive radio networks
19 Geographic and Opportunistic Routing for Underwater Sensor Networks
20 Malicious Node Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks Using an Autoregression Technique
21 Opportunistic Routing With Congestion Diversity in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
22 Replica Node Detection Using Enhanced Single Hop Detection with Clonal Selection Algorithm in Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks
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