Android is the Name of a Smartphone Operating System (OS) Developed by Google and Used in a Variety of Handsets.

SNO Projects List
1 Accounts Tracking System
2 Age Calculator
3 Android Ftp Client
4 Android Game Project on Bouncing Ball
5 Call Blocker
6 ECG Monitoring System
7 Expenses managing applications
8 Location based alarm system
9 Finance Management
10 Android student result analyzing system
11 Android shopping location identifier
12 Cloud Computing for Agent-Based Urban Transportation Systems Google
13 Smartphone Application to Evaluate the individual possibilities for the Application of Electric Vehicles
14 Face recognition System for Smartphone based on LBP
15 A Visual Chaotic System Simulation in Arduino Platform Controlled by Android App
16 Motion Analysis in Vocalized Surprise Expressions and Motion Generation in Android Robots
17 Work/Life Balance and Smartphones