IEEE Project Centre is the leading provider of  IEEE Bigdata projects 2019-2020. We offer a wide range of services to help students and professionals alike develop their skills in this rapidly growing field. Our team consists of experienced engineers, data scientists, and software developers who are passionate about helping others succeed.

We provide comprehensive project support from start to finish including research assistance, coding guidance, debugging tips, and more. Our experts have extensive knowledge on all aspects of Bigdata technology such as Hadoop, Spark, NoSQL databases like MongoDB or Cassandra etc., Machine Learning algorithms like Random Forest or Support Vector Machines (SVM), Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques etc. With our expertise we can guide you through any challenge that comes your way while working on your project!

At IEEE Project Centre we also understand the importance of staying up-to-date with current trends in Bigdata technologies so our team regularly attends conferences and workshops related to these topics in order to stay informed about new developments within the industry. Additionally we keep track of job postings related to Bigdata positions so that our clients can be well prepared when applying for jobs after completing their projects with us! If you’re looking for an expert partner who will help make sure your next big data project is successful then look no further than IEEE Project Centre! Contact us today and let us show you how easy it can be to get started on creating something amazing using cutting edge technology!

SNO Projects List
1 Impacts of public transportation fare reduction policy on urban public transport sharing rate based on big data analysis
2 Fast and Parallel Trust Computing Scheme Based on Big Data Analysis for Collaboration Cloud Service
3 Providing Healthcare-as-a-Service Using Fuzzy Rule-Based Big Data Analytics in Cloud Computing
4 Empirical analysis on key influential factors on cultural hegemony construction based on big data
5 Map Reduce Scheduling for Deadline-Constrained Jobs in Heterogeneous Cloud Computing Systems
6 Data Transfer Scheduling for Maximizing Throughput of Big-Data Computing in Cloud Systems
7 Big data analysis technology application in agricultural intelligence decision system
8 A big data on private cloud agile provisioning framework based on Open Stack
9 Study on information recommendation of scientific and technological achievements based on user behaviour modelling and big data mining
10 Challenges And Opportunities In Analytic-Predictive Environments Of Big Data And Natural Language Processing For Social Network Rating Systems
11 Big Data Analytics in Intelligent Transportation Systems: A Survey
12 Server-Based Intelligent Public Transportation System with NFC