Dive into the world of visual intelligence with the 2016-2017 Image Processing projects at IEEE Project Centre in Chennai. This period marked a remarkable leap forward in the realm of image analysis and computer vision, with projects that laid the foundation for the cutting-edge technologies reshaping our visual experiences today. Our center invites you to explore this transformative era and acquire hands-on expertise in image processing through projects that continue to redefine the boundaries of what’s possible.

The projects from 2016-2017 cover an extensive array of applications, from image recognition and machine learning to video analysis and augmented reality. These projects represent the forefront of their time, offering insights into the trends and breakthroughs that continue to define the field of visual technology. At IEEE Project Centre in Chennai, our mentors are committed to preserving this legacy and guiding you through these projects with their extensive knowledge.

Our approach emphasizes practical learning, ensuring that you not only grasp the theoretical aspects but also develop the skills necessary to tackle real-world challenges in image analysis. Whether you’re a student eager to delve into the world of visual intelligence or an enthusiast looking to expand your expertise, these projects provide a unique opportunity to explore the intricacies of visual data processing.

Join us at IEEE Project Centre in Chennai to unleash the power of visual intelligence through the lens of 2016-2017 Image Processing projects. Together, we’ll tap into the limitless potential of visual data and embark on a journey that marries historical significance with contemporary innovation, leaving a lasting impact not just in Chennai but on the global stage of technology.

SNO Projects List
1 A Distributed Explicit Rate Schemes in Multi-Input-Multi-Output Network Systems
2 A New Approach for Authentication using Water marking Technique
3 Advance Secure ATM Transaction Using Biometric Fingerprint Technology
4 Dynamics of Malware Spread in Decentralized Peer to Peer Networks
5 Mobility Management Schemes Based on Pointer Forwarding for Wireless Mesh Networks
7 A Competitive Study of Cryptography Techniques over Block Cipher
8 A New Approach for FEC Decoding Based on the BP Algorithm in LTE and WiMAX Systems
9 Minimizing Delay and Maximizing Lifetime for Wireless Sensor Networks With Any cast
10 Dynamic Routing for Reducing the Compromised Node Attacks
11 Designing routing protocols for mobile ad hoc network
12 Lossless Compression and information hiding in images using Steganography
13 Video Steganography Using Mordell Curve Cryptography Technique
14 Dynamic Channel Allocation for wireless zone-based Multicast and Broadcast Service
15 Intrusion detection An Energy efficient approach
16 Balancing Revocation and Storage Trade Offs in Secure Group Communication
17 Ontology Based Business Process Customization for Composite Web Services
18 A foundation for stochastic bandwidth estimation of networks with random service
19 On the Information Flow Required for Tracking Control in Networks of Mobile Sensing Agents
20 Caching Scheme for Distributed Data Processing in Peer-to-Peer Environments
21 Restoring Inter node connectivity using Rim algorithm
22 Robust Video Data Hiding Using Forbidden Zone Data Hiding and Selective Embedding
23 Optimized Resource Allocation for Software Release Planning
24 A Unified Approach to Optimizing Performance in Networks Serving Heterogeneous Flows
25 Evaluating the Vulnerability of Network Traffic Using Joint Security and Routing Analysis