NS3 projects explore 5G technology, simulating intricate network models to assess latency, throughput, and QoS parameters, facilitating advancements in next-gen wireless communication. Leveraging NS3, researchers refine Internet of Things (IoT) communication protocols, ensuring efficient data exchange and energy management in diverse IoT deployment scenarios.

IEEE  Project  Centre, a compass for cutting-edge exploration where technology converges with innovation in the realm of NS3 Projects for the years 2022-2023. As pioneers in cultivating technical brilliance among students and enthusiasts, we are thrilled to present a diverse array of IEEE NS3 Projects that are poised to redefine the landscape of network simulation and research.

In the dynamic world of networking and simulation,IEEE NS3 Projects mark a pivotal juncture with emerging protocols, advanced algorithms, and transformative applications of NS3. At IEEE Project Centre, we have meticulously curated a spectrum of projects covering various domains, ranging from wireless communication and sensor networks to vehicular communication and internet of things (IoT). Our ultimate objective is to provide you with not only projects but also immersive learning experiences that empower you to excel in the dynamic NS3 environment.

What truly distinguishes IEEE Project Centre is our unwavering commitment to excellence. Our team of experienced mentors and developers are dedicated to guiding you through every facet of your NS3 project journey. From conceptualization to simulation and analysis, we’re here to ensure that your project not only meets the highest standards but also reflects your growth as a proficient network simulation specialist.


SNOProjects List
1A Survey and Performance Evaluation of Ad-Hoc Multi-Hop Routing Protocols for Static Outdoor Networks
2FACT Fine-Grained Adaptation of Carrier Sense Threshold in IEEE 802.11 WLANs
3Performance Evaluation of Caching Policies in NDN – an ICN Architecture
4ROSE Robustness Strategy for Scale-Free Wireless Sensor Networks
5Simulation Based Performance Evaluation of TCP Variants along with UDP Flow
6Simulation Model and Comparison for Satellite Links in Ku and Ka Bands for Standards-based on DVB-S2 and NS3
7A Real-time Aware Routing Strategy in Smart City Environments.
8Multipoint Relay Selection through Estimated Spatial Relation in Smart City Environments.
9D-TCP: Dynamic TCP Congestion Control Algorithm for Next Generation Mobile Networks.
10Detection of Selfish Attack over Wireless Body Area Networks.