Embark on a journey of innovation as we delve into the years 2017-2018, a period marked by groundbreaking advancements in BCA Application projects. At IEEE Project Centre, we invite you to explore a carefully curated selection of these transformative projects that played a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of software development and application design. Located at the forefront of technological innovation, our center serves as a platform for BCA students and aspiring software developers to dive into the remarkable projects that defined this era.

The years 2017-2018 were characterized by a significant surge in creativity and innovation in the realm of software development. Projects during this period spanned a wide array of domains, including web and mobile application development, database management, and software testing. These projects not only set the stage for the future but also laid the foundation for the digital age we live in today. At IEEE Project Centre, we are committed to preserving and celebrating this technological heritage. Through hands-on learning experiences guided by seasoned mentors, our aim is not only to honor the accomplishments of this period but also to inspire today’s learners to build upon this strong foundation and drive the future of technology.

Join us at IEEE Project Centre to explore the 2017-2018 BCA Application projects. These projects offer a bridge between the past and the future, providing valuable insights and practical skills that empower you to become a catalyst for innovation in the dynamic field of software development and application design. Immerse yourself in the journey of discovery, learning, and creation as we unite history with innovation in pursuit of technological excellence.

SNO Projects List
1 E Panchayat Management Information System
2 Online Mobile Phone Shop An Asp.Net Project
3 Cab Service Management System Project In Asp.Net
4 Sports Management System
5 Ad Agency Management Software Vb.Net
7 Civil Registration
8 Pet Shop Management System
9 HR Information Reporting Systems
10 Institute Management System
11 Gas Agency Management System
12 Online Tax Management
13 Ragam Web Application Project Using Asp Net
14 Event Management Software System
15 Design And Analysis Workforce Management Erp System
16 Employiee Information System Using Asp.Net
17 Reality Shows Organization
18 E Sanatorium
19 Digital Portico
20 Mp3stego Hiding Text In Mp3 Files
21 Hotel Management Software Applications
22 Corporate Address Book Asp.Net Project
23 Web Based Community Meeting
24 My Personal Ontology
25 Social Sharing Like Sites
26 Sms Application
27 Jewellery Management System
28 Epaper Management System
29 Budget Management System
30 Smat Knowledge Provider
31 Library Management System Project
32 Online Library Management System
33 E-Post Office
34 Employiee Entery
35 Web Based Driving School Application
36 Trade Service Engine
37 Citizen Card System
38 Health Maintenance System
39 Secure Division
40 Techno Task Manager
41 Property Management System
42 Prison Management System
43 Education Loan System
44 Business Empowerment Tool
45 Airline Management System