In the ever-evolving landscape of networking and simulation technologies, the 2019-2020 period witnessed a remarkable chapter as the 2019-2020 IEEE Project Centre unveiled an array of transformative projects within the IEEE NS3 domain. These projects, meticulously curated to align with the esteemed standards of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), provided an exceptional platform for students and professionals to delve into the world of network simulation.


Throughout this period, the 2019-2020 IEEE Project Centre showcased a diverse spectrum of NS3 projects, each thoughtfully designed to explore various facets of networking. From crafting intricate network topologies to analyzing communication protocols and optimizing network performance, participants were immersed in hands-on experiences that seamlessly integrated theoretical knowledge with real-world applications. These projects not only honed technical skills but also nurtured problem-solving abilities, all while adhering to the stringent criteria set by IEEE.


Collaboration with industry experts and mentors offered participants an unprecedented opportunity to dive deep into the world of network simulation, revealing its potential to revolutionize industries and ignite innovation. These projects demonstrated the tangible outcomes of theoretical concepts, equipping participants with a profound understanding of network dynamics and behavior. The culmination was a cohort of individuals exceptionally prepared to address contemporary networking challenges, standing on the foundation built by the 2019-2020 IEEE NS3 projects at the IEEE Project Centre.


In conclusion, the 2019-2020 era showcases the 2019-2020 IEEE Project Centre’s dedication to nurturing innovation and knowledge in the realm of networking and simulation technologies. By providing a platform for immersive exploration, collaboration with experts, and adherence to the high standards set by IEEE, these projects have not only enriched participants’ technical expertise but have also fostered a mindset of innovation and adept problem-solving. As we move ahead, the impact of the 2019-2020 IEEE NS3 Projects continues to shape participants’ academic and professional journeys in profound and transformative ways.


SNOProjects List
1A Survey and Performance Evaluation of Ad-Hoc Multi-Hop Routing Protocols for Static Outdoor Networks
2FACT Fine-Grained Adaptation of Carrier Sense Threshold in IEEE 802.11 WLANs
3Performance Evaluation of Caching Policies in NDN – an ICN Architecture
4ROSE Robustness Strategy for Scale-Free Wireless Sensor Networks
5Simulation Based Performance Evaluation of TCP Variants along with UDP Flow
6Simulation Model and Comparison for Satellite Links in Ku and Ka Bands for Standards-based on DVB-S2 and NS3
7A Real-time Aware Routing Strategy in Smart City Environments.
8Multipoint Relay Selection through Estimated Spatial Relation in Smart City Environments.
9D-TCP: Dynamic TCP Congestion Control Algorithm for Next Generation Mobile Networks.
10Detection of Selfish Attack over Wireless Body Area Networks.