IEEE Project Center proudly presents its impressive collection of 2019-2020 BSC Application Projects, a testament to our unyielding commitment to innovation and the dissemination of knowledge within the ever-evolving technology domain. This archive represents a repository of groundbreaking concepts, creative brilliance, and technological excellence. The projects featured here serve as exemplars of technological ingenuity, providing a wealth of inspiration and guidance for both burgeoning students and seasoned professionals. 

Spanning a diverse spectrum of fields, from software development to data science, our 2019-2020 BSC Application Projects encapsulate the dynamic evolution of technology during this transformative period. Whether you are a student setting out on your project journey or a professional seeking insights into past milestones, this archive serves as an invaluable window into the world of cutting-edge technology. IEEE Project Center has always championed the power of knowledge, and this collection stands as a valuable resource for those eager to explore the foundations of modern technological solutions.

Embark on an enlightening journey through time as we unveil the 2019-2020 BSC Application Projects at IEEE Project Center. Discover the innovation, creativity, and unwavering dedication that fueled these projects, and gain a deeper appreciation for the ever-evolving landscape of technology. These projects are not relics of the past; they embody our ongoing commitment to fostering innovation and excellence, inspiring future generations to shape a tech-enabled future enriched with visionary solutions.

SNO Projects List
1 Insurance Management System
2 Warm House Management System
3 Web Based Healthcare Portal
4 Atm Reporting System
5 Cargo Management System
7 Courier Management System
8 Credit Card Fraud Detection
9 File Transfer Using Cryptography
10 Vendor Information System For Shipping
11 Sales And Inventory Management System
12 Supermarket Management System
13 Student And Teacher Interaction System
14 Civil Registry Management System
15 Bus Reservation System & Online Bus Ticket Booking System
16 Hostel Management System Project
17 Cable Operator Management System
18 Blood Donation Management System
19 Petrol Bunk Management System
20 Call Center Management System
21 Laptop Services System Asp.Net
22 Advance Bus And Train Booking System Asp.Net
23 Online Human Organ Donation System
24 Online Attandance Management Systems
25 Skill Activity Tracking System
26 Web Based Cab Booking System
27 Web Based Billing System
28 Auto Finance Management System
29 Agriculture Market Information Management
30 Bug tracking system or defect tracking system
31 Online Shopping System Asp.Net
32 Visa Processing Information System ASP.NET
33 Advance College bus Management Project
34 Advance Project Scheduling Management
35 Advance College Management System
36 E Mentoring System for women Software
37 Cinema Ticket Booking
38 Best Effective Online Team Work Project Management Tool
39 International Street Racing Community
40 RTA Information System RTA online information
41 Software Project Organization System
42 Back to My Village .Net Project
43 Advertising Agencies
44 Creating a Customizable Personal Blog using ASP.NET
45 Social Welfare Development Project


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