Android ieee projects 2022 – 2023


Android is An Object-Oriented Language that Allows Learners to Make Real-World Applications. Android Technology Based Mostly Software Package Works Almost Everywhere – from the Tiniest Devices to Super Computers!


IEEE  Project  Centre, a hub of boundless opportunities where creativity and technology converge in the realm of Android projects for the years 2022-2023. As a frontrunner in nurturing tech talents, students, and enthusiasts, we take immense pride in presenting a comprehensive spectrum of IEEE  Android  Projects that are poised to redefine the future of mobile technology.


At IEEE Project Centre, we’ve meticulously curated an eclectic collection of projects that span a multitude of domains, ranging from cutting-edge app development and wearable technology to IoT integration and AI-powered solutions. Our aim is to offer you not just projects, but transformative learning experiences that empower you to thrive in the dynamic world of Android technology.


What truly sets IEEE  Project  Centre apart is our unwavering commitment to excellence. Our seasoned team of mentors and developers are dedicated to guiding you through every facet of your Android project journey. From conceptualization to coding and deployment, we’re here to ensure that your project not only meets the highest standards but also reflects your growth as a proficient developer.



SNOProjects List
1Secure Optimization Computation Outsourcing in Cloud Computing A Case Study of Linear Programming

Towards Online Shortest Path Computation      


3Dynamic and Public Auditing with Fair Arbitration for Cloud Data
4CSecure Data Sharing in Cloud Computing Using Revocable Storage Identity Based Encryption

Resume Bulider     



Consumer Complaint System  


7TMACS: A Robust and Verifiable Threshold Multi-Authority Access Control System in Public Cloud

Result Analysis System     



Hotel Food Ordering System  


10Relevance Feedback Algorithms Inspired By Quantum Detection
11Top k Dominating Queries on Incomplete Data
12Cross Domain Sentiment Classification Using Sentiment Sensitive Embedding’s
13Crowdsourcing for Top-K Query Processing over Uncertain Data
14Understanding Short Texts through Semantic Enrichment and Hashing
15Sentiment Embeddings with Applications to Sentiment Analysis
16A Scalable Approach for Content-Based Image Retrieval in Peer-to-Peer Networks

Cab Booking System 


18A Novel Recommendation Model Regularized with User Trust and Item Ratings
19Topic Sketch: Real-Time Bursty Topic Detection from Twitter

Passport Management System     


21Inverted Linear Quad tree Efficient Top K Spatial Keyword Search

E Digital Book Management System  


23Analysis of customer churn prediction in telecom industry using decision trees and logistic regression

Bus Reservation System 


25Optimized Search-and-Compute Circuits and Their Application to Query Evaluation on Encrypted Data
26Dual Server Public Key Encryption with keyword search for secure cloud storage
27Privacy-Preserving Utility Verification of the Data Published by Non-Interactive Differentially
28Enabling Cloud Storage Auditing With Verifiable Outsourcing of Key Updates

Organ Donation System  


30Hidden Ciphertext Policy Attribute Based Encryption under Standard Assumptions

 Online Quiz System Based on Timing   


32Profiling Online Social Behaviors for Compromised Account Detection

Location Based Blood Donors     


34Cloud Armor Supporting Reputation based Trust Management for Cloud Services
35An Efficient Privacy Preserving Ranked Keyword Search Method
36Protecting Your Right Attribute based Keyword Search with Fine-grained Owner
37Circuit Cipher text-Policy Attribute-Based Hybrid Encryption with Verifiable Delegation in Cloud
38A Secure Anti Collusion Data Sharing Scheme for Dynamic Groups in Cloud
39A Secure and Dynamic Multi keyword Ranked search scheme over Encrypted Cloud Data

NCC Management System 



Location Based Ambulance and Fire Engine  


42An enhanced system to identify mischievous social malwares on Facebook applications
43Social Friend Recommendation Based on Multiple Network Correlation
44Privacy Preserving Location Sharing Services for Social Networks
45STAMP Enabling Privacy Preserving Location Proofs for Mobile Users
46Detecting Malicious Facebook Applications
47Answering Approximate Queries over XML Data
48EPLQ Efficient Privacy Preserving Location Based Query Over Outsourced Encrypted Data
49Mapping Bug Reports to Relevant Files A Ranking Model, a Fine Grained Benchmark, and Feature Evaluate

Movie Tickets Booking System    


51Trust Agent-Based Behavior Induction in Social Networks