IEEE 2022 2023 Raspberry Pi Projects In Chennai


Embark on a journey of technological innovation with IEEE Project Centre as we delve into the years 2022-2023, a period characterized by groundbreaking advancements in Raspberry Pi IEEE projects. Situated in the dynamic city of Chennai, our center stands as a beacon of learning and exploration, welcoming tech enthusiasts, students, and aspiring engineers to immerse themselves in the captivating projects that defined that era.

The years 2022-2023 witnessed a remarkable surge in creativity and application of Raspberry Pi-based projects, and at IEEE Project Centre, we take immense pride in curating and presenting a selection of these trailblazing endeavors. From IoT-driven smart cities and sustainable energy solutions to innovative healthcare devices and immersive educational platforms, these projects showcase the diversity and forward-thinking mindset of their creators.

IEEE Project Centre extends an open invitation to join us in celebrating the brilliance of 2022-2023 Raspberry Pi IEEE projects in Chennai. By revisiting and showcasing these exceptional projects, we not only honor their influence but also aspire to ignite the imagination of today’s innovators, encouraging them to harness the potential of Raspberry Pi in shaping the trajectory of technology. Let’s bridge the gap between the past and the present, uniting historical achievements with the spirit of innovation to sculpt a future where curiosity and progress thrive hand in hand.

SNO Projects List
1 A real-time surveillance mini-rover based on opencv-Python-JAVA using Raspberry Pi 2
2 Voice Controlled Smart Home using python
3 Smart Cap: Vision for the visually impaired
4 Remote CCTV Surveillance wireless vehicle using Raspberry pi
5 Web Accessible Security Camera Using Raspberry Pi
7 Raspberry Pi Security System with Motion Detection / Camera
8 Face Detection Using Open CV With Raspberry Pi
9 Attendance System Using python with Raspberry and RFID-RC522
10 Home Security Email Alert System using python with Raspberry Pi