In Our IEEE Project Center, IEEE projects in Big Data explore the vast potential of large-scale data analysis and management. These projects harness cutting-edge techniques to process, interpret, and derive insights from massive datasets. From predictive analytics and data mining to scalable storage solutions and real-time processing frameworks, these endeavors contribute to the advancement of technology, shaping industries and driving innovation in the era of data-driven decision-making.


IEEE  Project  Centre, a realm where innovation and data converge, offering a glimpse into the future of technology through Big Data projects for the years  2022-2023. As advocates of technical excellence among students, enthusiasts, and professionals, we are thrilled to introduce a diverse range of IEEE Big Data projects that are poised to reshape the landscape of data analytics and insights.


In the ever-evolving world of data science,  IEEE  Big  Data  projects  2022-2023 stand as a critical phase with emerging tools, advanced algorithms, and transformative applications of Big Data. At IEEE Project Centre, we’ve thoughtfully curated a collection of projects that span a myriad of domains, from predictive analytics and machine learning to natural language processing and real-time data processing.


Our primary goal is to provide you not just with projects, but with immersive learning experiences that empower you to excel in the dynamic Big Data ecosystem.

SNO Projects List
1 Impacts of public transportation fare reduction policy on urban public transport sharing rate based on big data analysis
2 Fast and Parallel Trust Computing Scheme Based on Big Data Analysis for Collaboration Cloud Service
3 Providing Healthcare-as-a-Service Using Fuzzy Rule-Based Big Data Analytics in Cloud Computing
4 Empirical analysis on key influential factors on cultural hegemony construction based on big data
5 Map Reduce Scheduling for Deadline-Constrained Jobs in Heterogeneous Cloud Computing Systems
6 Data Transfer Scheduling for Maximizing Throughput of Big-Data Computing in Cloud Systems
7 Big data analysis technology application in agricultural intelligence decision system
8 A big data on private cloud agile provisioning framework based on Open Stack
9 Study on information recommendation of scientific and technological achievements based on user behaviour modelling and big data mining
10 Challenges And Opportunities In Analytic-Predictive Environments Of Big Data And Natural Language Processing For Social Network Rating Systems
11 Big Data Analytics in Intelligent Transportation Systems: A Survey
12 Server-Based Intelligent Public Transportation System with NFC