2014 2015 Power Electronics Projects


Welcome to a journey back in time to the years 2014-2015, an era that witnessed groundbreaking advancements in Power Electronics IEEE projects. IEEE Project Centre invites you to explore a curated selection of these transformative projects, which have left an indelible mark on the power electronics landscape. Situated in the vibrant city of Chennai, our center provides a platform for tech enthusiasts, students, and budding engineers to delve into the remarkable projects that defined this period.

The years 2014-2015 marked a turning point in power electronics, with projects that delved into renewable energy solutions, advanced power conversion technologies, and efficient motor control systems. At IEEE Project Centre, we are dedicated to preserving and celebrating this heritage. Through hands-on learning experiences guided by seasoned mentors, our aim is not only to honor the achievements of this era but also to inspire today’s learners to build upon this foundation and shape the future of power electronics.

Join us at IEEE Project Centre to explore the 2014-2015 Power Electronics IEEE projects. These projects are not just a glimpse into the past but also a window into the future. Our commitment to bridging history with innovation ensures that you will acquire valuable insights and practical skills, positioning you to become a driving force in the ever-evolving field of power electronics. Immerse yourself in the journey of discovery, learning, and creation as we unite the past and the present in the pursuit of technological excellence.


SNO Projects List
1 Scalable and Secure Sharing of Personal Health Records in Cloud Computing using Attribute-based
2 Front-End Isolated Quasi-Z-Source DC-DC Converter Modules in Series for Photovoltaic High Voltage DC Applications
3 A Single-Phase PV Quasi-Z-Source Inverter With Reduced Capacitance Using Modified Modulation and Double-Frequency Ripple Suppression Control
4 Highly Efficient Asymmetrical PWM Full-Bridge Converter for Renewable Energy Sources
5 A High-Efficiency Flyback Micro-inverter With a New Adaptive Snubber for Photovoltaic Applications
6 An Optimal Method to Design a Trap-CL Filter for a PV AC-Module Based on Flyback Inverter
7 Design and Analysis of a High Efficiency DC–DC Converter With Soft Switching Capability for Renewable Energy Applications Requiring High Voltage Gain
8 Single Phase Cascaded H5 Inverter with Leakage Current Elimination for Transformerless Photovoltaic System
9 Development of DC/DC Converter for Battery Energy Storage Supporting Railway DC Feeder Systems
10 High Efficiency Bi-Directional Converter for Flywheel Energy Storage Application
11 Series-Parallel Connection of Low-Voltage Sources for Integration of Galvanically Isolated Energy Storage System
12 A bidirectional single-stage three-phase Rectifier with high-frequency Isolation and power factor Correction
13 A High-Voltage SiC-Based Boost PFC for LED Applications
14 Control of a Single-Stage Three-Phase Boost Power Factor Correction Rectifier
15 LCL Filter Design for Three-phase Two-level Power Factor Correction using Line Impedance Stabilization Network
16 New AC–DC Power Factor Correction Architecture Suitable for High-Frequency Operation