Welcome to IEEE Project Centre in Chennai, a distinguished hub for technological innovation and a leader in the field of robotics projects. Our commitment to pushing the boundaries of automation, artificial intelligence, and fostering innovation is at the heart of our mission. At IEEE Project Centre in Chennai, we believe that robotics is at the forefront of modern technology, and our projects in this domain reflect our dedication to innovation and excellence.


Our team of experts, researchers, and engineers at IEEE Project Centre in Chennai has devoted itself to crafting cutting-edge 2014-2015 robotics projects. These projects span a wide spectrum of applications, from industrial automation and healthcare robotics to autonomous vehicles and artificial intelligence-driven systems. Whether you are a student eager to explore the world of robotics, a professional seeking innovative solutions, or an enthusiast captivated by the possibilities of automation and AI, our projects offer a wealth of insights and opportunities to delve into this dynamic field.


Within our meticulously curated collection, you will discover a diverse array of robotics projects that exemplify our commitment to shaping the future through innovative technological solutions. These projects have the potential to revolutionize industries, enhance efficiency, and transform the way we interact with automation. Join us on an inspiring journey through the realm of 2014-2015 robotics projects at IEEE Project Centre in Chennai, where each project represents a significant step toward unlocking the full potential of robotics and driving progress in the world of technology.

SNOProjects List
1Dish Delivery Robot for Restaurant
2Low cost Touch Based Wheelchair
3Android phone Accelerometer Sensor Based Robot Navigator
4Android Speech Recognition Controlled Intelligent Robot
5Automatic path finding Robot
7Bluetooth communication System for control of a Mobile Robot
8control Wireless Spy Robot with Video capture
9Live Human Being Detection Wireless Remote Controlled Robot
10Room cleaning Robot
11Super Intelligent Line follower Robot
12Android Controlled Pick and Place Robot
13Wireless Surveillance Robot Controlled by pc
14Advanced Military Spying Robot
15Head driven Wheelchair with patient monitoring
16RF based Fire fighting Robot
17Pick N Place Robot Arm and Movement controlled by RF 434mhz
18Bomb Disposal Robot
19IR Remote Controlled Robot using Arduino
20Field Exploring Robot
20Robot as a Waiter for Restaurants
21Efficient Visual Obstacle Avoidance for Robotic Mower
22Modeling and Simulation of a Moving Robotic Arm Mounted on Wheelchair
23Robotic Assistant for Mobility-Impaired Patients
24Closed-Chain Manipulation of Large Objects by Multi-Arm Robotic Systems
25Bioinspired Ciliary Force Sensor for Robotic Platforms
26Managing robot kinematics based on Arduino controllers using a Unity system