IEEE Project Centre, a hub of innovation where education meets technology in the realm of MSc (Master of Science) projects for the years 2022-2023. As advocates of academic brilliance among students, enthusiasts, and aspiring researchers, we’re excited to introduce a diverse range of IEEE MSc projects that are poised to redefine the landscape of scientific exploration and innovation.

In the ever-evolving world of scientific research and technology, IEEE MSc projects 2022-2023 stand as a pivotal phase with emerging research areas, advanced methodologies, and transformative applications. At IEEE Project Centre, we’ve thoughtfully curated a collection of projects spanning various scientific domains, from data analysis and experimental design to computational modeling and biotechnology. Our primary goal is to provide you not only with projects, but immersive learning experiences that empower you to excel in the dynamic MSc ecosystem.

Master of Advanced Study. Master of Applied Finance. Master of Applied Science. Master of Architecture. Master of Arts. Master of Arts in Liberal Studies. Master of Arts in Special Education. Master of Arts in Teaching. Master of Business Administration. Master of Business. Master of Business Engineering. 

MSC projects represent the culmination of advanced studies in various disciplines, showcasing students’ mastery of specialized subjects. These projects cover a diverse array of topics, from scientific research and engineering innovations to social sciences and humanities inquiries. MSC projects often involve in-depth analysis, experimentation, and critical thinking, contributing valuable insights and solutions to their respective fields. These projects demonstrate the depth of knowledge and expertise that MSC students bring to the forefront of academic exploration and practical problem-solving.

SNO Projects List
1 Design of household control system based on ZigBee, GSM and TCP/IP protocol
2 Smart Entrance Guard Control Based on RFID Card and ZigBee Authorization
3 A novel supervisory control for residential building protection system
4 Implementation of a Wireless ECG Acquisition SoC for IEEE 802.15.4 (ZigBee) Applications
5 Real Time Monitoring and Control System for Green House Based on 802.15.4 Wireless Sensor Network
7 DTMF Based Automation System with Reduction of Noise Using Goertzel DFT Estimation
8 Implementation of 802.15.4 for designing of home automation and power monitoring system
9 Level-Converting Retention Flip-Flop for Reducing Standby Power in ZigBee SoCs
10 System Architectures, Protocols and Algorithms for A periodic Wireless Control Systems
11 Probability-Based Location Aware Design and On-Demand Robotic Intrusion Detection System
12 Minimum Energy Data Transmission for Wireless Networked Control Systems
13 Wireless Sensing and Vibration Control With Increased Redundancy and Robustness Design
14 Embedded system for home automation using SMS
15 Micro base station aided vehicular ad hoc networking
16 Reliable Wireless Sensor System for Monitoring Mechanical Wear-Out of Parts
17 A Novel and Lightweight System to Secure Wireless Medical Sensor Networks
18 Real-time monitoring and intelligent control for greenhouses based on wireless sensor network
19 Automated Irrigation System Using a Wireless Sensor Network and GPRS Module
20 Performance Improved Methods for Communication-Based Train Control Systems With Random Packet Drops
21 Wireless CHARM: An open system low cost wireless mars halling module for industrial environments
22 A Battery-Assisted Sensor-Enhanced RFID Tag Enabling Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks
23 A novel framework based on AVR microcontroller for automated testing and analysis of DC motors
24 HAWK: An Unmanned Mini-Helicopter-Based Aerial Wireless Kit for Localization
25 Vision Based Robotic System for Military Applications-Design and Real Time Validation
26 Data center monitoring and alerting system using WSN
27 BOLT: Voice Recognition Robotic Dog Guides Visually Impaired People
28 Micro-Bank: Handheld Secured Electronic Doorstep Banking System
29 Android Car: Automatic Park and Retrieve Assist System with Remote Start, Remote Drive, Remote Alert
30 Wrist-Computer: Gesture Recognition and Touchscreen Enabled Wearable Computer Connected with Android Smartphone
31 NanoSat: A Remote Sensing Nano-Satellite running Hard Real Time Control and Communication System Sending Camera Images to Ground Control Nano Satellite Station
32 Safe-by-Vision: Vision based Advanced Driver Assistance and Safety System involving Forward Collision Mitigation and Lane Departure Warning
33 Android-Home: Smart and Secure Electronic Housekeeper System with Multi-Way Control and Monitoring Facility using Android
34 big.LITTLE: Digital Camera Equipped Big Robot Carries Thermal Imaging Capable Little Robot for conducting Coordinated Human Search Operations
35 Road-LINK: Car-2-X Communication System integrating Vehicles
36 Road-Prophet: Road Adaptive Overtake Assistance System based on SeeThrough Projector Technology
37 GPS Patrol: Deep Sea Fishermen Patrol System for Coastal Intruder Positioning and Inshore Fishery Control
38 HandiCom: Handheld Deaf and Dumb Communication Device based on Gesture to Voice and Speech to Image