Welcome to IEEE Project Centre in Chennai, where innovation and technology converge to shape the future. Our journey through the world of technology continues with a showcase of our remarkable 2015-2016 mobile computing projects. In an era defined by rapid technological advancement, we take great pride in presenting a collection of projects that stand as a testament to our commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation. The year 2015-2016 marked a transformative period in mobile computing, and our center played a pivotal role in contributing groundbreaking solutions that have since become integral to the industry.

Our 2015-2016 mobile computing projects at IEEE Project Centre in Chennai represent the culmination of dedicated efforts by our team of experts, researchers, and engineers. With an unwavering focus on addressing contemporary challenges and exploring the uncharted territories of technology, our projects exemplify creativity and forward-thinking. This portfolio encompasses projects that have not only left a lasting impact on the industry but have also enriched the daily lives of users. Whether you are a technology enthusiast seeking inspiration, a student embarking on your own project, or a business looking to collaborate, our projects offer a wealth of insights and opportunities.

Within this carefully curated collection, you will encounter a diverse range of 2015-2016 mobile computing projects that cover various facets of this dynamic field. From innovative mobile applications that have revolutionized user experiences to pioneering research in mobile hardware optimization, each project embodies our commitment to progress and innovation. Join us in exploring the future of mobile computing through the lens of our 2015-2016 projects at IEEE Project Centre in Chennai, where every project is a step towards leading the technology revolution.

SNO Projects List
1 Mobile Computing is a technology that allows transmission of data, voice and video via a computer or any other wireless enabled device without having to be connected to a fixed physical link. The main concept involves ?
2 Mobile communication
3 The mobile communication in this case, refers to the infrastructure put in place to ensure that seamless and reliable communication goes on.
4 Mobile Hardware
5 Mobile hardware includes mobile devices or device components that receive or access the service of mobility
7 Mobile software
8 Mobile software is the actual program that runs on the mobile hardware.
9 PSMPA: Patient Self-Controllable and Multi-Level Privacy-Preserving Cooperative
10 Enabling Fine-grained Multi-keyword Search Supporting Classified
11 A Secure and Dynamic Multi keyword Ranked Search Scheme over Encrypted cloud
12 Real-time Twitter sentiment analysis with Stream Analytics
13 COMIC Cost Optimization for Internet Content Multihoming
14 Discovery of Ranking Fraud for Mobile Apps
15 Query Aware Determinization of Uncertain Objects
16 RRW – A Robust and Reversible Watermarking Technique for Relational Data
17 Combining Multiple Classification Methods for Hyperspectral Data Interpretation
18 A Secure Data Hiding Technique in Compressed Video Using a Secret Key
19 Steganography Using Reversible Texture Synthesis
20 Robust Watermarking Techniques For Color Images
21 Authenticated Key Exchange Protocols for Parallel Network File Systems
22 Assessment In Wireless Sensor Network Security
23 Energy aware Load Balancing and Application Scaling for the Cloud
24 Universal Network Coding-Based Opportunistic Routing for Unicast
25 Behavior Rule Specification-Based Intrusion Detection for Safety Critical Medical Cyber Physical
26 Friendbook: A Semantic-Based Friend Recommendation System for Social Networks
27 Continuous and Transparent User Identity Verification for Secure Internet
28 Key-Recovery Attacks on KIDS, a Keyed Anomaly Detection System