Final year project center in chennai

Projects works is the crucial part in your studies. So you should make your projects with a good way and proper guidance. We are proud to announce that to you, we are done a more numbers of projects and made countless students career become bright. 1Crore projects center is an Indian Government Certified and recognized projects center in Chennai. We are providing the best projects development service for students since 2012. We are the best projects provider in Chennai and also a best training institute in Chennai. There are countless of students got the best projects from our center. We are not only giving the projects to students also we are providing the best ideas about projects development. Our experienced and multi-talented staff give you best topic ideas about your projects. Don’t wait to submit your projects let’s make your projects with us.

Here we have listed what are the projects are we do in our projects center that will really help to find the best one for your studies.


1Crore projects center is the college projects centers in chennai. You can collect all kinds of college projects from our center in low price with quality. All your final year projects works are we done for you.


You know one thing there are more numbers of BE Projects centers in Chennai but 1Crore projects center is the best project provider in Chennai. EEE, ECE, Bio medical, CSE projects all final year engineering projects are we done for you in short time period. Our creative projects developers develop and finish your projects on time. We understand your requirements and make best projects for you.

Here we have mentioned some latest BE Projects which we are developed in our center which is definitely useful for your searching.

  •  Diploma Projects for EEE
  •  Controlling of Power Grid using PC SCADA
  •  Indication of Brake Failure
  •  Efficient & Intelligent Light Control System Design
  •  Controlling of AC Power with IGBT/MOSFET
  •  Data Transmission PLCC System
  • 1- Phase to 3-Phase Supply Conversion
  • Transformer Overload Protection
  •  Harvesting of Power for Sensor Networks
  • Indication of Power Failure
  • IoT based Irrigation System
  • IoT based Monitoring System for Weather
  • Tracker System for Solar using Dual Axis 
  • Servos Controlled through Motion with IoT
  •  Reduction of Electricity Theft through IoT
  •  Smart Transportation Systems using IoT
  • Power System Based Projects


We are developing the raspberry pi based ECE Projects, communication based ECE Projects, robotics based ECE Projects, sensor based ECE Projects, medical and health based ECE Projects, Artificial Intelligence Projects, Data science projects.


  •  Python B.Tech Open CV CSE projects
  •  Machine Learning Projects
  •  Django Projects CSE projects
  •  Biomedical Projects CSE Projects
  •  Image Processing /Video Processing Projects
  •  Java based Projects  CSE
  •  DotNet based Projects CSE
  •  Android based CSE


1Crore projects center also known us best research projects center in Chennai. Here we provide more numbers of research projects from our projects center. You can find the best research projects from our website. Here also we have mentioned what kinds of research projects we provide for you.

  • Infectious disease
  • Nutritional immunology 
  • Music therapy
  • Political misinformation
  • Plant science
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Mental health
  •  Aging brains
  • Canine connection
  • Mood disorders
  • IT Projects

1Crore projects center is also a IT based software company in Chennai. So we are surely make all your needs in your projects development. You know very well IT Based projects are more valuable than other projects. It will drive more attention compare to other projects. So that’s will give a best mark for you. Here at 1Crore projects center we provide the best IT Projects for students.

Here we listed some latest and useful IT based projects topics for you. That topics help to find the best for your project development.

  • Android task monitoring
  • Sentiment analysis for product rating
  • Fingerprint-based ATM system
  • Advanced employee management system
  • Image encryption using AES algorithm
  • Fingerprint voting system
  •  Weather forecasting system
  •  Android local train ticketing system
  •  Railway tracking and arrival time prediction system
  •  Android Patient Tracker
  •  Opinion mining for social networking platforms
  •  Automated payroll system with GPS tracking and image capture
  •  Data leakage detection system
  •  Credit card fraud detection
  •  AI shopping system
  •  Camera motion sensor system
  •  Bug tracker
  •  e-Learning platform
  •  Smart health prediction system
  •  Software piracy protection system