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1Crore projects center is the best mini projects center in Chennai. Here we at 1Crore projects center we provide all kinds of mini projects in best and short time period. We help to many of students projects works and all their getting best projects from our center. Our creative and talent projects developers will help you to explain about your projects to your externals. you can get the clear explanation about your projects. Real time ieee projects easily drive more mark for you and so your projects will definitely help to others when you do your projects with us. 

All your requirement about projects will cleared when you make your projects with us. We mentioned what are the projects are we done for you. That will may help to find the best one.


1Crore projects center is the best CSE mini projects center in Chennai. CSE Based mini projects are easy to develop and it will drive more marks to you. So you should make your mini projects in best center. Here we at 1Crore projects center all your projects are done in short time and price also low.

We listed some latest CSE Mini projects for your better understanding about projects topics.

  • Passport Status Tracking System
  • Shipping Management System
  • Online Real Estate System
  • Coupons Generation System
  • Courier Service System
  • Local Business Search Engine
  • Faculty Enumeration System
  • E-plastic Management System
  • Eye Bank Management
  • Intruding Entity Prevention to Protect Unobtrusive System


1Crore projects center providing the latest ECE Mini Projects for students in best price. You can see the list of latest ECE Projects in 2022

  • Theft Detection Using NODEMCU
  • Voice Controlled Wheelchair Using Arduino and Bluetooth
  • Blind Stick
  • Mini Mario Game Using Arduino
  • Temperature and Humidity Monitoring Using NODEMCU
  • IOT Based Moisture Detection System
  • Barrier Elusion Robot
  • Alcohol Sensing and Engine Locking System
  • Chatbot Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Sun Tracking System Using Arduino


Here we at 1Crore projects center we develop a best and latest EEE Mini projects in our center.

  • Home Automation using IoT
  • Smart Energy Meter using GSM
  • Solar & Smart Energy Systems Automatic Solar Tracker
  • Arduino Projects
  • Smart Energy Projects
  • PCB Manufacturing
  • Circuit Design with Proteus
  • PCB Design and Simulation with KICAD
  • Smart Traffic Lighting System
  • Automation using PLC


The diploma project consists of theoretical or experimental research. 1Crore projects center provide the best Diploma projects for students in low price. Here we developing the software based and embedded based projects in our projects center.

  • Smart Cab System Using Barcode Scan
  • Engineering College Automation and Scheduling System
  • Online Bakery Shop System
  • Cooperative Housing Society Manager Project
  • Online Herbs Shopping Project
  • Voice Controlled Robotic Vehicle
  • DC Motor Speed Control By Android
  • Fire & Gas Accident Avoider System
  • Solar UPS Project
  • GPS Vehicle Tracking & Theft Detection


If you are a PhD student and searching for the best PhD Projects center in Chennai. Here we at 1Crore projects center we provide the best PhD Projects for students in short time period with quality.

You can get the best PhD projects in any domain from our center.

  • NS2
  • NS3
  • OMNET++
  • Bigdata
  • Hadoop
  • Embedded Systems
  • Robotics
  • Power Systems
  • Power Electronic
  • VLSI
  • Cloud Computing
  • Construction Management
  • Structural Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering